Näkemisen ja silmäterveyden toimiala tarjoaa alan ammattilaisille hyödyllistä ja ajankohtaista tietoa näkemisestä ja silmäterveydestä.

Ulkomaiset järjestöt

Näkemisen ja silmäterveyden toimiala tekee tiivistä yhteistyötä myös kansainvälisesti. Tässä kolme keskeisintä järjestökumppaniamme.
The European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO) is the European organisation which represents the interests of optometrists and opticians from 27 countries. It aims to promote eye health to the public across borders and to harmonise clinical and educational standards of optometric and optical practice throughout Europe.

The World Council of Optometry (WCO)

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) is an international membership organisation with a mission to facilitate the enhancement and development of eye and vision care worldwide. WCO is a unifying voice and catalyst for international projects and services that meet the needs of the optometric profession and local communities.

WCO is the first and only optometric organisation in official relations with the World Health Organisation and maintains the highest level of membership in the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

The European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO)

The Academy is a membership organisation that provides a much needed voice to help advance the optometry and optics, develop the scientific knowledge base and support and promote lifelong learning for optometrists, opticians, vision scientists and all those involved in eye health care across Europe.